Gregory B. Haber, MD

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        Gregory B. Haber, MD (Author photo 1, Author photo 2, Author photo 3, Author photo 4, Author photo 5, Author photo 6, Author photo 7, Author photo 8, Author photo 9, Author photo 10, Author photo 11, Author photo 12, Author photo 13; Video 1, available online at, is Professor of Medicine, Chief of Endoscopy, and Director of Advanced Therapeutics and Innovation in the Division of Gastroenterology, Department of Medicine at NYU Langone Medical Center in New York, New York.
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        Author photo 1With my lifelong colleague and friend Paul Kortan.
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        Author photo 2My wonderful mentor and friends from Toronto, with whom I launched my career: Paul Kortan, Norm Marcon, Gary May, and Gabor Kandel.
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        Author photo 3The joy of teaching live courses, with Stefan Seewald and Haru Inoue.
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        Author photo 4My wonderful friend, former fellow, and master teacher, Alessandro Repici.
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        Author photo 5A great friend and former fellow, Michael Bourke, whose sense of humor always brings a smile.
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        Author photo 6My unbelievable family and legacy, who define who I am.
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        Author photo 7My gorgeous wife, who is the heart and soul of my existence.
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        Author photo 8A gift from the joyous nurses at Lenox Hill to celebrate 200 ESDs.
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        Author photo 9My partners and friends who celebrated the joy of camaraderie at Lenox Hill: Dave Robbins and Arun Swaminath.
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        Author photo 10The team that always keeps me afloat: Kristen Koller, Sofia Yuen, Geraldine Pascual, and Hari Mahadev.
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        Author photo 11Great European colleagues and friends: Horst Neuhaus and Guido Costamagna.
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        Author photo 12My wonderful NYU chief, Mark Pochapin, and friend Ira Jacobson.
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        Author photo 13Receiving my rank as Professor of Medicine, Biochemistry, and Molecular Pharmacology from NYU. I was more proud of my fabulous loving children than of my degrees.
        Dr Haber is one of the world’s foremost experts in clinical care and education in advanced therapeutic endoscopy. He has dedicated himself to the mentorship of the next generation of physicians in these techniques and technologies, having trained more than 40 advanced fellows.
        After receiving his medical degree from the University of Toronto, Dr Haber completed his training in internal medicine and gastroenterology. He subsequently received a Medical Research Council of Canada Grant to do postgraduate research in bile acid metabolism at the Bristol Royal Infirmary in Bristol, England. He returned to the University of Toronto as a consultant at The Wellesley Hospital and St. Michael’s Hospital, where the advanced endoscopy center for the University was established. He became the Chief of Gastroenterology at Lenox Hill Hospital from 2004 to 2016. He took his current position at NYU Langone Medical Center in 2016. In 2018, Dr Haber was honored with the title of Professor of Medicine by NYU Langone Health.
        Dr Haber has contributed over 100 scientific publications and over 150 abstracts and has given nearly 400 presentations at educational seminars and conferences nationally and internationally. He frequently serves as a course director for educational conferences, and in 2010 was the recipient of the American Society for Gastrointestinal Endoscopy’s Master of Endoscopy Award.


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